Applied Sciences

But what has he done lately?

Helix Sigma

June 11 2011

Something of a darker beat I originally published to soundcloud.

Anomalous Protocol

June 19 2011

Needs more cowbell.
I tried to sequence the bass line on a Moog Slim Phatty and it cooked the synth. I'm certainly glad the music shop accepted my return without question.

Coming Clean

May 19 2013

Without confusion there is no clarity, without darkness there is no light. As a swarm of bees obfuscating the sun, one thousand angry wildcats claw relentlessly at the mind, obscuring reality and perception. Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror, the embodiment of change through conflict.
What surprise, I actually picked up my guitar for this one.

The Return Trip

Sep 2 2012

This is an acoustic jam I wrote, it's something of a followup to the song 'The Journey'. How far can one go before the return trip becomes an impossiblity? What then, would you press on as far as you could go?
I think this was the last ever appearance of my Blofeld synthesizer.

The Journey

Oct 28 2009

I want to thank Colin for buying me a maraca.
I'm sure I wrote lyrics for this song at one point but it seems that they have been lost to time.

Digital Dance

March 11 2010

This track was produced in one shot using the polyphony of the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Unfortunately the synthesizer I used to produce this track is now dead and with it all of the programs I meticulously entered into the machine. I can only hope to one day own another synth as inspiring as the Blofeld was to me.

Rollin Away

Nov 25 2009

I wrote lyrics to this song and never recorded them. No matter, like tears in rain.
This is also the date that I first received my Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. Oh the memories. I'll let you guess what this song is about.

Stolen Plans

April 14 2010

Visions of spy movies dancing through my head.

Dead of Space

March 21 2010

Kind of all over the place with this one. If I could go back I might clean up the drums a little bit near the beginning, otherwise I was pretty satisfied with the old-school analog synth sounds.

Voyager Program

March 10 2010

The Voyager 1 satellite is the farthest man-made object from earth. Travelling at 17 kilometers per second, Voyager 1 is going fast enough to circle the earth once every 39.28 minutes.
This tune is something of an homage to both the Big Beat era of music and the Voyager space program. My old battered laptop is 10 times as powerful as the computer The Chemical Brothers used to write their album "Dig Your Own Hole" and has 50,000 times the memory of the Voyager 1 satellite and this is all I can come up with.

Industry Is Failing

March 9 2010

I think I was going for an industrial kind of sound, never bothered to pull out my guitar for this one. Some of the track is a bit high pitched but I really enjoyed making the synth patches used in this song.

The Haunting

Feb 6 2010

A compilation of bass guitar and synthesizer. I was never much for using the preset sounds that come with the synthesizer. Why buy a synth if you don't enjoy a bit of programming?
The real haunting comes not from the paranormal but the unending sadness within.

Thursdays Song

Feb 3 2010

This is happy little ditty as strummed out on the acoustic guitar. I started on a Wednesday and finished on the Thursday. On Friday I actually tuned my guitar.

Phobos Monolith

Feb 3 2010

If you can believe they sent a robot to Mars, you can believe this is a great dance track. Either case sounds like bologna to me.

Lawrence Serson

March 19 2009

By popular demand I've released Lawrence Serson. He and I collaborated on this track back in 2009.

Hip Hop Remix


This remix is the same as my original hip-hop track, but re-sequenced with real instruments.

Hip Hop (Micron)


This was the first track I programed with my Alesis Micron synthesizer. The MIDI time clock in this synth is pretty wacky but it lends a certain charm to the sequencing. Ask me really nicely and I can still play this for you.

Genghis Khan

Feb 24 2010

Here's a hip-hop sounding beat. I put this tune together in less than 24 hours as felt like I was on a schedule for some reason. I'm sure the man who once ruled the Mongol empire 900 years ago might have felt the same.